WiFi.Bedouin is typically brought to an area where one expects to find an 802.11 access point or Hot Spot. As the unit advertises itself as a typical access point, with its own configurable SSID or name users with WiFi devices are more likely to notice a new node and investigate its level of access.

There are a myriad of possible ways to use the WiFi.Bedouin. The more interesting ones straddle the border between actions that are oppositional provocations and ones that are more whimsical, narrative-based experiences.

By default, WiFi.Bedouin has typical groupware applications such as chat, an open Blog to which users may post articles or comment on others articles, and iTunes Music Streaming.

Two WiFi.Bedouin applications are:

1) SSID Stories. In this scenario, the node is named (its SSID) in a provocative way that forms the title of a short narrative. My Girlfriend Can Surf.. might be the network name. When a user connects and attempts to surf to a web site, they instead receive a series of pages that tell the rest of the surfing girlfriend story, presented as a Flash animated narrative, or dynamic web site.

2) Geo URL. This scenario pokes fun at the proprietary nature of dot com URLs by presenting to users entirely unexpected content for the URLs they enter in their browser. The application has spoof pages of the more popular web sites, all meant to compel uses to consider what a location specific web might be like. For instance, Google.com is presented as Perry Street Google.com.


Download the complete project documentation.

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