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Little No

First showing of Marina Zurkow's interactive, animated installation-a psychedelic and pop interpretation of the Wheel of Life.

Opening reception Saturday May 8th, 6PM at The Kitchen Art Gallery 512 West 19th Street, NYC.

New York, NY - Marina Zurkow, one of today's leading innovators of animation and new media, presents the first showing of Little NO, May 8-29, 2004 at The Kitchen Art Gallery, 512 W. 19th St. A multi-linear animated installation, Little NO traces a young girl's path through the psychedelic and lurid Wheel of Life, rich with graphic and cartoon styles and the tropes of Western psychology. The exhibition also includes the DVD screening of Zurkow's acclaimed Braingirl (1999-2003), a nine-episode animated series about a pubescent mutant girl who literally wears her insides on the outside. The Kitchen Art Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 2-6pm. Admission is free.

Structurally based on the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Existence, Little NO is housed in seven video monitors configured in a circle on a candy-colored, eight-foot high branching sculpture. A young girl enacts the Wheel's emotional states of selfhood through her gestures and surreal circumstances in looping narratives. The installation divides her world of emotion into the six allegorical realms of the gods, the titans, the hungry ghosts, hell, animals, and humans - each of these realms embodying the specific emotional pratfalls of complacence, jealousy, aggression, unquenchable need, unbridled desire and ego. On the floor is a circular configuration of six discs ("stepping stones") upon which the viewer can walk to trigger and change animations, making connections between body, emotion and the projected imagination.

Little No's technology is by Julian Bleecker.
Music for both Little NO and Braingirl is composed by Lem Jay Ignacio.
The installation design is by Palmer Moss and Marina Zurkow.