TechKwonDo__Pet Rockstar

Pet Rockstar is a role playing game that is played through a combination of Web, Mobile Phone, and SMS touch points. The player assumes the role of an up-and-coming rock star who starts out with not much more than gumption and a band. Through a series of challenges, players either get to The Grammy's or flounder in local dive bars. The Web experience consists of a portal through which players can see the standings of the top Rockstars, use the Vanity Valet to compose their Rockstar style, and chat with other Rockstars. Challenges are presented to players through SMS messages with a callback number. When players callback, they enter an Interactive Voice Response application that presents challenges and a series of possible courses of action from which the players choose. Based on their response and the luck of the draw, players gain points, money, recording deals, and concert dates.
Developed for Design and Mobile Experiences, a Collaborative Studio taught at in the MFA Design and Technology Department at Parsons School of Design with Austin Chang, Vicky Fang, Josh Kinberg, Shruti Chandra, Stephen Baker, Karmelina Parouka.