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vh1 2 go - Hear Music First

Technology Architecture, Software Development, Java, JHTML, Dynamo Applicadtion Server, XML, XPath, Teamwork

vh1 2 go is VH1's branded content delivered on Virgin Mobile's cellular service network. The Hear Music First application sends an alert to subscriber's *MTV phones when new Hear Music First content is available. Subscribers select the call-back link in the message and are taken directly to the voice application. From there hey are able to browse through new artist releases of exclusive "first listen" songs. Full-length audio of the songs is played. Subscribers can also access the application from a WAP intro point, which presents menus of current content and easy no-dialing access to the voice application. The application was built using a combination of VXML, SMS, an XML/XPath-based data store, and served using the Dynamo Application Server.

vh1 Description Listen to scorching hot new tracks ahead of the pack with vh1 2 go's "Hear Music First"! Check out new songs from all the latest CDs dropping - right on your Virgin Mobile phone. We'll even send you text messages to let you know the instant new "Hear Music First" tracks are ready for your previewing pleasure.