WiFiKu - Creating Haiku Using 802.11 WiFi Hot Spots

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NEW YORK CITY - WiFiKu is an art-technology project that personalizes the thousands of invisible WiFi Hot Spot in New York City. Art-Technologist Julian Bleecker will lead a Psychogeography event, walking the streets of New York City neighborhoods and digitally scanning for the names of personal and public WiFi Hot Spots and constructing a visual map containing the Haiku from these found names.

Buried in the airwaves is a treasure chest of whimsical names individuals have given their WiFi Hot Spots. The Haiku at the vicinity of 15th and 7th Avenue:

gina network - piss
off, my girlfriend can snowboard
jeepyland, NetHome

Haiku was chosen because its brevity and lack of rhyme captures the typically enigmatic syntax that these names, when cobbled together, form. It's traditional subject matter - Zen descriptions of location, natural phenomena, everyday occurrences - is ideal for a project seeking to add meaning to a common, location-specific, radio beacon.

This event is part of the 2004 Psy.Geo.Conflux, the second in an annual series dedicated to current artistic and social investigations in psychogeography (the study of the effects of the geographic environment on the emotions and behavior of individuals).

Julian Bleecker (julian at techkwondo dot com)

Thursday May 13th, 2pm and Friday May 14th, 4pm
Meeting at Participant, Inc. 95 Rivington St., New York City

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